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Distech 50 Series

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Facilities Monitoring:

The secret to maximizing the efficiency of building systems is effective monitoring.  We design internet / intranet accessible systems. Our monitoring service enables us to develop a profile of your facilities, track and optimize its operation and look for changes that may indicate problems, allowing us to notify your service people before a breakdown has a chance to happen. 


Emergency Service:

We offer 24 hour emergency service with four hour maximum response time for your critical applications.



Simply said, there is no building or HVAC control application we can't do.  We specialize in Lonworks® and BACnet systems and multi-site integration through standard IP infrastructure. 



Buildings need regular monitoring to ensure efficient operation. Service work and upgrade efficacy need to be checked, measured and verified; tenants need to be billed for after hours HVAC use; system failures need to be recitified. We will work with you to provide the data you need to maximize your investment and make it available in a format that works for you.



Energy management techniques require measurement to gauge their effectiveness.  We have extensive experience in electrical, oil, gas and water metering and the methods for maximizing savings.  See the EC-NET EnerVue demonstration here.  User name: demo. Password: demo


Conventional Controls:

We have a broad background in HVAC controls of all kinds, including pneumatic, electro-mechanical and electronic. Honeywell lists us as a technical assistance provider and we continue to supply conventional (non-DDC) control systems in applications where programmable control systems are not appropriate. So if DDC isn't for you, we can provide all the support your conventional systems require.


Control Panels:

Our panel shop can fabricate a control panel to meet your specifications or we can design and build one for you to accomplish whatever application you have.



We maintain an inventory of conventional and DDC control parts and accessories to deal with most emergencies and have numerous suppliers to find the part you need ASAP.



Having problems maintaining comfort in your building? We can figure out why. Commissioning means testing each control component to make sure it does what it's supposed to. If it doesn't, we can fix it.